Our Purpose

IIS exists to provide world-class secure internet intelligence & investigation solutions to a carefully vetted collection of organisations – actively challenging internet-related criminal activity whilst improving productivity and efficiency within client organisations.

About Us

Internet Investigation Solutions, or IIS for short, is a privately-owned company that was formed to deliver solutions, to both the public and private sectors, based around non-attributable open source browsing and evidence capture.

The founders of IIS formed and operates one of the world’s largest data protection companies. Clients included Police Forces, The CPS, Government Departments, Energy firms, Communication and pharmaceutical companies.

These relationships forged a deep understanding of the difficulties clients faced when gathering intelligence from the web to assist in defence against fraud and other criminal activities. Soon after, a product range was developed around these very specialist requirements, each focussing on providing superior solutions to a specific customer base.

Our Brands

Long Arm® is a core part of the IIS portfolio. Offering an end-to-end misattributable internet investigation & intelligence suite to law enforcement and related government sectors, the software itself allows for the discovery, capture and presentation of internet-based evidence, whilst maintaining legislative compliance and preserving the evidential chain.

Vestigo is a training and consultancy organisation built around both Long Arm and OSAPP. The training side of Vestigo offers regular courses and CPD for users of the software, whilst the Consultancy arm focusses on creating, building, growing or training internal investigative/security teams within large organisations.

We work collaboratively with you to design secure data related solutions to solve your operational challenges. We build bespoke, secure, user-centred products leveraging data, analytics and AI capabilities to support your digital transformation. We equip you through agile coaching and design thinking, delivered by experienced industry experts.


Sustainability is a core part of our DNA. We are developing our strategy to:


  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Procure locally and ethically where possible
  • Implement a representative recruitment process
  • Develop and nurture emerging talent
  • Support local communities
  • Invest with social responsibility
  • Partner with organisations that share our values

What have we done?

We are taking sustainability seriously and have already made adjustments to help reduce the impact we have on the planet from recycling to reducing shipping/transport and to embody a sustainable ethos.

What are we doing?

There are several sustainable initiatives that we have started working on and will continue to push throughout the coming months to constantly improve and we are constantly looking for more things we can do.

What will we do?

There is still more that we can do and we have identified some areas that we think are key to improving the sustainability of our company and help to reduce the impact we have on the planet.